Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada


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I developed this site using ActionScript 3.0, ASP.NET and MS SQL. This website was built for The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada (DFAIT) as an e-course for delegates to be ensconced in other countries.

The course was built entirely within Flash to allow for rich user experience. The many features include quizzes that, when completed successfully, unlock other areas of the site. Other interactive features include drag-and-drops, information fly-outs and intuitive, personalized navigation making this a very complete and professional online learning environment. The use of ASP.NET and MS SQL creates a customized user experience and allows for saving of personal settings and storing of information for subsequent visits. This project was designed by Jamie Godin, an expert in user experience.

I am unable to provide a link to this project at the request of the client, but if you would like more information, please contact me.

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