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How can you go from a word like ‘morbid’ to a word like ‘ecstatic’? Or from ‘fastidious’ to ‘vigil’?

Synonymy is a game of finding the paths between random words through their network of synonyms. By taking the synonym of a word, and then a synonym of that synonym, and so on, you can ultimately arrive at any other word in the English language.

Built for Android, iOS and desktop, this game is available for download from Google Play, iTunes, Mac App Store and will soon be available on Steam.

Synonymy is the brain child of Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis. It is narrated by Dr. Richard Dawkins and developed by me using Flash/ActionScript3/Adobe Air15. I scripted the server side in PHP/MySQL and handled data using JSON. Phase 2 of this game is now underway and will include additional languages (Spanish, French, German and Japanese) as well as other features and improvements. For more information, please visit Synonymy

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